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 Dave Strider

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Dave Strider
Dave Strider

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Dave Strider 338px-GodDaveIt

Name: Dave Strider
Nickname: N/A
Age: 16
Gender: Male

Magic High Grades: His academic scores are not very high but all of the marks that have to do with the use of magic or abilities or fighting in general are very high. His lowest mark would be English, not because he doesn’t know it but because he isn’t fluent but because when he writes he usually leaves out punctuation and capitals. Martial arts and sword fighting are his strong points because he has been learning that sort of thing since before he could even remember.
  • .:Cool:. Oh man, there is no denying how cool this kid is. If you looked up cool kid in the dictionary it would be this guy’s face. There is nothing else to say about this really. He is cool: he acts cool, he looks cool and he knows he is cool. You can tell he is a bad ass by his sick shades that never leave his face and his ability to throw mad rhymes like a boss.
  • .:Ironic:. There is no man who knows how to use irony better then Dave Strider. ‘The use of something other than its literal intention’ is the definition of irony and Dave knows it full well. He is quick to do things for completely ironic purposes and is always thinking of the things that could definitely be ironic.
  • .:Forgetful:. Dave has a tendency to be a little bit forgetful. He will forget very important things as well, including the extent of his abilities. He usually tries to pass it off as being ironic and/or cool. This is a habit that is very difficult to notice because he doesn’t really make it all that obvious that he is forgetful, it’s just one of those things that happens.
  • .:Friendshipnessnitude:. Jeez, what do I say about this. When it comes to friendship Dave is one guy everyone wants to have as a friend, but he’s not just going to give everyone the pleasure of being one of his best bros, no way, you’ve gotta earn that shit! But yeah, when you are one of his close friends you may even have some sort of influence over him. Like if you were his best friend ever in the whole world and told him that his brother’s creepy puppet/plushies are really fuckin’… well… creepy he might start to think that way as well. Plus those plush shits are really, really creepy.
  • .:Flirt:. Dave can’t help it, he’s a natural born lady killer. He doesn’t mean to flirt as much as he does( or maybe he does… it’s Dave so he’s always pretending to be some aloof asshole). There is nothing he won’t flirt with at that. He doesn’t prefer girls over guys or vice versa, he just appreciates sexy people and believes that they should be with someone who is just as sexy as they are… Aka: himself.

Looks: Dave is about 5’8” and is mostly muscle. He is very thin but he has been training in fighting for years. His skin is slightly tanned from living under the sun for most of his life and his hair is very blond. His eyes are a bright red colour but he is kind of self-conscious about the colour of his eyes which is part of the reason why he is always wearing the shades that his friend got for him. Aside from this, Dave has a very attractive build and is already incredibly attractive. He has a Texan accent but he and his brother don’t think it’s very cool so they use Northern Accents most of the time, something some people find quite weird, but it’s a talent.

When it comes to clothing Dave has quite a few outfits that he likes to wear. He has a variety of different suits that he will wear when the occasion calls for it. A red one, a black one and a green one, made from assorted materials all with a broken record symbol on the breast. He has become partial to the outfit that he got for ascending to the rank of Knight of Time. Which is shown in both of the pictures that were provided, the one at the top shows the colours. He prefers to wear the hood down, because, let’s face it… the hood is pretty damn lame.
Race: Caucasian human
Supernatural Power: Under special circumstances he was given the role of ‘Knight of Time’ which is a powerful class that can control some aspects in an offensive manner. He can teleport through time and he has the ability to stop time, though he can only use this against one person. He can’t stop time for everything just for a certain person and the effects do not last that long.

In the past couple years though, he has stopped using it to really bounce through time and has used it more for combat purposes. Stopping his enemies or speeding himself up. Using it to bounce through time he ended up causing far too many time paradoxes and made too many alternate time line Daves… which all had to be taken care of. He has though been able to get used to using these powers as the Knight of time in conjunction with his weapons.
History: Dave grew up on the top floor of an apartment in a crowded city from when he was very young till not long before he was enrolled in school. He lived with his older brother for the entire time, the older Strider being the only real family Dave ever had aside from his friends who he had always been very, very close with.

When he turned 13 his life flipped upside down and things really started to change. Upon entering a game, played with three of his closest friends, he underwent a lot. All of his friends gained powers much like his own. Where he was the Knight of Time his friends became the Heir of Breath, Witch of Space and Seer of Light. He was easily able to use his powers without much guidance though… even before he was given his official garb.

During this time in the game he came across the corpse of his dead brother who had been fighting along his in-game guardian, Davesprite, to protect Dave and his friends. It hurt, seeing his Bro like that, but it was a sad truth that Dave was then an orphan.

He didn’t get out of this situation until he was sixteen years old though, and upon getting out of the game he applied for himself to go to this school, knowing he wouldn’t be alone and he would be able to use his new powers without being judged, hoping he could get a new start or something… trying to live his life without the small family he once had, just happy to have ties with his three dear friends and his pseudo-guardian Davesprite.


  • .:Fighting:. Being trained by his Bro, this has been a part of his life since forever. He trains well… whenever his Bro wants to strife. He has always been partial to a katana, since it was the first weapon his brother ever gave him. Even if he is prone to snapping them in half… because, unlike his brother, he isn’t a wielder of an ‘unbreakable katana’. None the less, this is a huge part of his life and part of the reason why he is such a strong person, and also part of the reason why he got the title of Knight.
  • .:Rapping:. This is one of Dave’s past times, he is always exercising his ability to throw mad rhymes, it keeps him in shape. Keeps his reflexes sharp… plus it’s pretty damn awesome. He is always down for having mad rap battles with his peeps. Not that they could ever expect to beat him… there probably weren’t even any rap robots out there that could beat him in a throw down! His bro taught him well… and taught him a lot.
  • .:Drawing:. Another one of his hobbies Dave is a pretty bad ass artist. His comic Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff is kind of a big deal, just like the artist himself. It’s a very scandalous work because of how raunchy it is while at the same time being so deep and memorable. He is always up for art trades and has a lot of fun with drawing. This was, of course, another habit that he picked up from his older brother.
  • .:Gaming:. Just… every once and a while he will enjoy stealing his Bro’s XBOX and play some of his Bro’s sick games. In the past couple years he has gotten pretty damn good at them.

((Dear god he’s a normal teenager!!!))
Fears: Dave doesn’t fear anything. He has no reason to, nothing bad happens to him. He’s to cool for that kind of shit.
  • .:Puppets:. They are annoying and a little bit creepy. Dave hates the fact that he has hat to put up with them for so long. The thought of them now gives him shudders. He doesn’t understand why his brother likes them as much as he does.
  • .:Losing:. Because it shouldn’t happen. He is a strong person and he knows a lot, especially when it comes to fighting. Him losing is both shocking and disturbing and he doesn’t like it.

Motto: ‘oh my god we are never going to stop fucking with each other are we’
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Dave Strider
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