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 Original Story (No Title. M Rated for sexual content)

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Original Story (No Title. M Rated for sexual content) Empty
PostSubject: Original Story (No Title. M Rated for sexual content)   Original Story (No Title. M Rated for sexual content) EmptyMon Mar 12, 2012 8:10 pm

It had been starting to really piss Redemption off, seeing Revelation all mopey as he was. He had been getting worse every day for a while now. Redemption knew why, and he never could figure out why Revelation let himself get like this. “If you want to go see him so badly, go see him.” Redemption stated, crossing his arms and giving the back of Revelation’s head a stern look from where he stood on the other side of the room.

“I can’t, I’ll only bring him trouble.” Revelation replied in that quiet tone of his, not even looking over at his housemate and fellow assassin. Redemption could only let out a heavy sigh before he left Revelation alone, settling with browsing the internet for a while to get his mind completely off of the albino man who sat sulking in the living room staring off at nothing.

The next day Revelation’s spirit seemed to have hit an all time low, to the point where he didn’t even complain when Redemption came up and wrapped his arms around the albino’s thick neck, resting his chin on his broad shoulder. “I got something for you.” Redemption had said, rather seductively, into the other man’s ear.

“I’m not in the mood, Redemption.” Revelation mumbled shrugging Red off of his shoulder. Redemption just laughed and, for the first time in what seemed like ages now, Revelation turned and looked up at him. His brows were drawn together as Redemption put his hands on his hips and Revelation’s eyes were drawn downwards to the one thing rather out of place about the tan skinned man. This little ‘out of place’ bit was two slips of paper tucked into the front of Redemption’s pants, pressed up against the smooth expanse of taught muscle above their hem.

“Jeez, do you really think sex is my only motive?” Redemption said with a giggle as Revelation reached over pulling the slips from Redemption’s pants. As his pink hues looked them over a look of what almost looked like shock crossed Revelation’s face. Trying to ignore the rather rare look on the other man’s face Redemption continued to talk, “I’m sick and tired of you being all upset, so…let’s go see him.” He finished his dark eyes not leaving Revelation’s face. He could have blushed at the drop dead gorgeous smile that crawled onto Revelation’s face as the albino let out a small laugh.

“Thank you, Redemption. Thank you very much.” Revelation said looking back up from the paper in his hands to Redemption’s face. This had to have been the kindest, sincerest tone and expression he had ever heard from and seen on this man. Redemption, in return, could only smile like an idiot, not trusting himself to say anything to this man, but he had a very good feeling about this next while.

The day of the performance Redemption was faced with one of the biggest dilemmas of his life. He had in front of him: a dashing black, designer name tuxedo and a gorgeous scarlet red gown that was relatively form fitting that also cut up the side and revealed a lot of leg, with an equally gorgeous red shawl. He now had to decide for himself whether he was going to be Revelation’s friend/co-worker or his lover. It was such a difficult decision that even after twenty minutes he could not decide which he wanted to wear, which he wanted to be.

At about this time, Revelation walked by, with his hair tied back with the same ribbon he had had for years and a black tuxedo with a long black tie, all of it making him look even paler. “Revelation?” Redemption called, bringing the albino man’s attention into the room. “Which one?” Red continued motioning to the two outfits laid out on the bed as Revelation walked in and stood next to him looking down at them both for a moment as well. He let out a sigh and Redemption didn’t move. Revelation did move, taking Redemption’s long curly black/brown hair into both of his hands, twisting it once before draping it over his shoulder letting it fall against his partially exposed chest. Redemption looked up at him, rather shocked, and a little bit confused by the action.

“Wear the dress, and keep your hair like this.” Revelation said, his mouth rather close to Redemption’s ear, his hands still laced in curling black hair. Redemption loved this little intimacy between the two of them, but it didn’t last long. Hands pulled away from his hair and Redemption looked back down at his dress.

“Then I’ll be ready in a minute, you can go get the car started.” Redemption said his voice involuntarily lower. Revelation nodded at the words and turned to leave the room, letting the other man get himself ready.

Not that long afterwards, Redemption sat himself down in the car next to Revelation. When Redemption looked over at Revelation he was a little bit shocked to see Revelation smiling at him. “You look lovely.” The albino said watching as blush flared up in the black haired man’s cheeks as he looked away quickly. Redemption couldn’t complain, he loved being praised by this man, but it really didn’t happen often. “Now, the seats are far enough back that he won’t see us, right?” Revelation asked on a completely unrelated note.

“Yeah, don’t worry, besides he’s stuck behind a piano, it’s not like he’d notice you.” Red said with a shrug, not quite understanding why it really mattered if they were noticed or not. He didn’t think Teioh would just pick Revelation out from the crowd anyways. Revelation didn’t say anything in response; he just shrugged assuming, in the end, that Redemption was right.

After the ride they stepped inside the large building, seeing people wander in the lobby in incredibly fancy and expensive looking outfits. In their garments, Revelation and Redemption easily fit in with the other people who crowded the hall. They didn’t waste any time in heading to their seats, a place where they could see the whole orchestra well without binoculars, and wouldn’t be all that easy to pick out, especially not from the stage. The people on the stage were moving to and fro and Redemption noticed that Revelation couldn’t seem to take his eyes away from Teioh as the brunette walked around the back of the group to sit at the large, sleek, black grand piano at the side of the stage. The musicians tuned and practiced, including Teioh who looked so natural playing his instrument. Redemption looked over as a young blond man sat down on Revelation’s other side and noticed that he two seemed to be staring at Teioh, but Redemption said and thought nothing of it.

The conductor introduced the music they were to play before ordering the large group of musicians to start, the room quickly filling with the sounds of instruments being played; it was a wonderful sound, truly. “You should go talk to him afterwards, he’ll be happy to see you.” Redemption whispered into Revelation’s ear. Revelation just grunted in return, a gesture which Redemption took as an immediate no. “He’ll be so happy knowing his brother comes to watch him play.” Redemption insisted with a shake of his head, the long twirl of black hair over his shoulder swaying slightly with the movement. Revelation didn’t say anything in response, but looking at him Redemption could tell he was thinking about it.

Come to about the middle of the second movement all the instruments except the double basses, cellos and the piano fell silent as Teioh played his solo, he looked so into it, body rocking slightly to the rhythm that his hands played across the keys in front of him. Revelation seemed almost entranced watching his brother, but Redemption couldn’t help but notice that the blond sitting on Revelation’s other side looked just as absorbed in Teioh as the albino man was.

“I think… I’ll go see him afterwards…” the albino man muttered under his breath, just loud enough that Redemption could hear. The words got an almost immediate giggle out of the black haired assassin. Now content with everything, Redemption leaned back letting his eyes slip shut, his hand coming up to rest on what was exposed of his scar, idly tracing the marking over his collar bone and down as far as he could without shifting the dress out of the way. He concentrated solely on the music as it filled the hall as the rest of the orchestra started up again.

When the music finished the conductor turned and bowed to the audience, musicians put their instruments down. People, including Redemption and Revelation, stood and clapped for the musicians. Everyone started to file out of the large audience hall and back out into the lobby where they would all slowly walk out to their cars and head on home; talking about their wonderful experience that night, some of them would be complimenting Teioh’s playing as they left.

It took some asking around for Revelation and Redemption to figure out where the musicians would be waiting after the show, people didn’t seem to want to talk to Revelation, which didn’t really shock Redemption in the least; in fact he couldn’t help but find it quite humorous how some of the people seemed to completely avoid him. He would have laughed, but feared pissing the albino man off and starting something in the large lobby and, in turn, being kicked out before they could go see Teioh.

They were lead to a back room behind the stage where they had expected to see Teioh lounging and resting, what they saw was…quite a shock to the both of them. It would be hard to not be shocked when they walked in to see him locking lips with the young blond man who had been sitting next to Revelation during the performance.

“Uh…Isn’t your brother married?” Redemption asked prying his eyes away from the two making out on the other side of the room and letting them slip to Revelation who let out a grunt and started walking towards the two of them. Redemption couldn’t help but hold himself back not wanting to get in the middle of whatever was going to happen in the next short while.

“Teioh.” Revelation stated sharply towards the two of them, his glare almost as sharp as the single word. The brunette pulled away from the blond and his blue eyes opened wide upon seeing his albino twin walking towards him and Redemption could see how Revelation’s gaze softened immensely at the acknowledgement.

“Revelation…” he said under his breath throwing himself at the albino man, arms wrapping around the albino man’s large chest. “It’s been so long… I’ve missed you so much.” Teioh mumbled, his face pressed into the crook of Revelation’s neck. Revelation let out a sigh before wrapping his arms around his twin brother and holding him close. He rested his head against his brother’s and took a deep breath loving this small moment, this bit of closeness between the two of them. It really had been a very, very long time.

Revelation was eventually the one to let go, his brother reluctantly slipping away from him as well but Teioh didn’t take his eyes off of Revelation even though Revelation had his sights somewhere else already. “Who’s he?” Revelation asked after a long moment and Teioh tore his eyes away from the albino to look to the blond Revelation was motioning to with his chin.

Teioh was silent for a rather long moment an almost confused look on his face as he looked over the person whom he had just been making out with, the blond in turn avoiding looking at the twin brothers. “A friend.” Teioh stated firmly after his lengthy pause, unable to help but let out a small laugh with the answer turning to look back at his brother with one of those gorgeously bright smiles on his face.

Revelation gave him a stern look and was about to argue with his older brother when a small blond girl bounded out of what seemed like nowhere and threw her arms around Teioh’s neck, jumping up to hang off him for a moment. It didn’t only catch Revelation off-guard but Teioh seemed utterly shocked and barely caught his attacker in time. It took them both a moment to clue in to who it was as Teioh let his hands rest on her waist and he spun her around once before setting her down on the ground where she only stood to about Teioh’s collarbone. “Teioh, you were amazing!” She exclaimed hugging her brother around the waist again.

Teioh looked completely ecstatic seeing both of his siblings here and he hugged his little sister again for a moment before holding her and arm’s length away from him. “Thank Ana. I’m so glad you could make it.” Teioh said with an incredibly genuine bright smile down at her. “I’m so glad so many people I love so dearly were in the audience today. It’s so rare for that to happen.” He said looking from his little sister, nine years his junior, to his twin brother who looked surprisingly tense now as though Ana’s sudden appearance was actually a bad thing.

The reason behind this thought was very quickly revealed as Ana looked over at Revelation and a sharp glare settled onto her face. “You.” She stated firmly her voice like acid as he pulled herself completely away from Teioh and turned to face Revelation, “What the hell are you doing here!?” She yelled, red appearing on her face as she took a step towards Revelation who had backed up a few feet upon Ana’s arrival. “How long has it been since YOU last came to support your brother!?” She continued. She walked towards him until she was mere inches away from Revelation and despite the fact that Revelation stood at 6’3” and easily dwarfed her petite 5’3” frame, she didn’t seem at all put off by it.

Teioh just looked confused by this start of a quarrel though, he honestly had had no idea that his brother and his sister were on such bad terms with one another. He had had no idea that they had been in enough contact in the past twelve years to have built up such a horrible relationship with one another but he also had no idea what he was supposed to do about it and whether or not he should intervene before someone got hurt. No matter how long he hadn’t seen these two people whom he loved so dearly he still knew them both well enough that there was definitely a chance that either one of them could get violent very quickly and he actually had no idea who he was more scared for if it were to come down to that.

Revelation let out a sigh and turned to avoid Ana’s sharp gaze. “So after years I finally do decide to come see my blood related brother after all the time you yelled at me for not doing so…but you still yell at me.” Revelation said still not looking down at her but instead off at a section of wall, a frown tugged at his features but, thankfully, he did not look angry.

The same could definitely not be said for Ana whose face was now blotchy and red so clearly furious with the older man. “What the fuck does blood have to do with it!?” She yelled smacking one of her fists against Revelation’s chest without any recognition from the older man except for dragging his eyes back to her. “I’m his sister just as much as you’re his brother!” she stated sharply.

“Hey, stop it!” Teioh wasn’t stupid, he could see when his siblings were starting to get violent and Ana was definitely getting close. He stepped forward finally deciding it best to intervene. He put one hand against Revelation’s chest and the other on Ana’s shoulder and looked between the two of them with an almost pleading look, “Why the hell are you two fighting?” He asked in a low voice.

“Why don’t you ask this inconsiderate jerk?” Ana said sharply motioning with her chin to Revelation whose expression did not change at all still as emotionless as it had been since Ana had showed up. She looked back at Teioh who was looking at her with a confused expression. “He doesn’t even care about you, Teioh.” She said her tone cracking and turning more pleading than anything.

Teioh’s brows drew together at her words, that contradicted everything he had ever thought since he had met his brother and therefore he did not believe her at all. “Ana, why are you being like that? Revelation loves me as much as you do… Why are you acting like he doesn’t?” He asked moving his hand from Revelation’s chest to her other shoulder and looking down at her with a frown.

She didn’t look at all happy with how this had turned out. She looked at Teioh for a moment longer before she glared around him and at Revelation. “When was the last time Revelation came to visit you, Teioh?” She asked, her words directed at her brother but her eyes still sharply looking at Revelation. Teioh took a moment and she looked back up at him with her eyes wide.

“Well-” Teioh started just to be interrupted by his twin.

“Correct me if I’m wrong. But you haven’t seen him in at least a year as well, right, Ana?” Revelation said, widening his stance and crossing his arms over his broad chest, his eyes finally coming to rest completely on Ana, the red/pink hues sharpened into a weaker version of the glares most people were used to from Revelation.

Ana pushed away from Teioh and took another step towards the albino, getting in his face again, as best she could. “I go to school!” She yelled.

“And I work.” Revelation retorted sharply. Ana was gritting her teeth looking at Revelation with what looked like unfathomable disgust, those seemed to be the words that finally made her snap and before Teioh could do anything a hand lashed out across Revelation’s face with a very loud crack, which seemed to echo in the following silence.

The silence seemed to stretch on for a long time but was more like a moment as Teioh put himself in-between the two people he loved putting both of his hands against Revelation’s chest but looking over his shoulder at Ana. The blond from earlier stepped forward, though he still seemed very awkward he took a tight hold on the young woman’s shoulders. Ana was still visibly shaking and her glare did not let up a fraction even as she was restrained by the pretty young man.

Redemption, who had been having quite an amount of fun watching this little girl tell off Revelation, was standing a few feet away, watching from a distance. At this though even he froze, mouth gaping at the fact that Revelation had actually let himself be hit. Maybe even the albino had not been expecting it to come. Redemption though could tell from the sudden tightness in both Revelation’s shoulders and jaw, that he was suddenly incredibly pissed. Through the entire struggle Redemption had been reading Revelation’s body language like a pro, he hadn’t been bothered at all by what was going on but now he was pissed. With a glance down at the long near white fingers he could see Revelation’s trigger finger twitching out of habit. He inhaled sharply and stepped forward ready to help restrain Revelation if needed suddenly incredibly aware of the leather holster pressed to his inner thigh where he had brought a dagger for just in case.

It was hard to miss the way Teioh exchanged a look with the blond boy and there was far too much meaning behind it to just be a thanks for helping out. The way that the blond also blushed when Teioh looked at him was another sign of that. It seemed to confuse Ana if anything and she looked over her shoulder at the short man who was holding her in place, her shaking slowly stopping and her glare replaced with a confused yet cautious look. “Who are you?” She asked, ignoring Revelation for the moment.

The other looked completely caught off guard by the sudden question. “What?” He responded eyes opening wider as he broke eye contact with Teioh and looked down at Teioh’s little sister’s whose arms he still had a firm grip on.

“What are you doing back here?” She re-worded. He looked a little bit trapped as he looked at Teioh who motioned with his eyes to the person who had come in with Revelation.

He seemed to clue in rather quickly and went along with it. “I came back here with my girlfriend.” He said motioning to Redemption who was utterly shocked but quickly fell in step with it.

He let up his braced stance and tried to act more casual where he was standing. He stepped closer to the others now that he had been brought into the conversation. The beautiful blond boy had let go of Ana as she turned slightly to face the two of them. Redemption looked at him and smiled fondly down at him, more apologetic than anything though, the boy looked pretty young, maybe not as young as Ana but still very young. Redemption wrapped his arm through the blonde’s holding himself close to his side. “Hi, I’m Gabrielle, I work with Revelation.” Redemption said holding out one hand to Ana, keeping the other one wrapped around one of this stranger’s arms.

He really had to try his hardest to ignore that smug grin on Revelation’s face at that moment as Ana took his hand and shook it once before letting go and Redemption let it rest on the blond man’s collar. “It’s nice to meet you, I’m Ana.” The younger girl responded she seemed a little shocked if anything, maybe the fact that Redemption had said he worked with Revelation, which really wasn’t a lie. Ana looked Redemption over once more before adding, “Your dress is lovely,” A sheepish smile on her face as she looked back up into Redemption’s dark eyes.

Redemption smiled down at her, a large grin showing off his pearly white teeth. “Thank you and you look gorgeous.” He said with a smile, again he wasn’t lying, but the blotches on her face still hadn’t disappeared and her hair was a little askew now. Ana smiled again and turned to Teioh who had taken his hands off of Revelation and was looking at Redemption and the blond he had been making out with earlier with a smirk that was very, very similar to the one Revelation had had, though the smirks from both twins disappeared quickly as Ana turned to them even if her gaze was on the floor.

“I’m really sorry Teioh.” She said finally looking up at her brother. “I’m going to go; I’ll come visit you soon, while I’m still on break.” She said hugging the taller man again. Teioh hugged her back and let out a sigh, when she pulled away he planted a small kiss on her forehead and smiled at her.

“I look forward to it. I love you Ana.” He said smiling at her happily, though he would have been even happier if she had apologized to Revelation as well but that was clearly not going to happen. Especially not with the way she glared at him as she stepped past him on her way out. The four men left in the room stared after her for a while. Redemption and the unnamed blond split apart and Redemption took a few steps away from everyone again.

The twins were the first ones to acknowledge anyone again, speaking in perfect unison. A ‘who’s he?’ from Revelation perfectly timed with a ‘who’s she?’ from Teioh. They fell into silence again. The small smirk on Revelation’s face was a funny little sight. “Eldest first, Teioh.” He said motioning with his hand to his older brother. Ever since Teioh had started using the fact that he was a few minutes older against Revelation, Revelation had decided he would do his part as well and use it against Teioh as often as he could, not matter how rare that really ended up being. Teioh gave him a look, something like a pout, before sighing and giving his answer.

“I know, I know. No lies. I can’t lie to you, Revey…” Teioh said with a defeated sigh running a hand through his thick brown hair. “His name is Zach, he’s the guy that I’ve been sleeping with for a while now.” He said with a shrug looking to the side and not at his brother. Revelation could easily see by looking at Teioh that there was more to it than that but that wasn’t the first question that popped into his head.

“What about Mari-” Revelation started, his brows furrowed as he asked. But he was interrupted mid word as Teioh waved his finger in front of his face.

“No, no. First tell me who she is.” Teioh said pointing at Redemption, giving him the once over quickly before looking back at Revelation and waiting for his answer.

Revelation let out a sigh, he guessed that made sense, but he would get to the bottom of Teioh’s relationship with this Zach afterwards. “Well, I believe he already answered that question.” Revelation said unable to help but put emphasis on the ‘he’ figuring it was about time they clarified that bit. “He’s a co-worker.” Revelation said looking up at Redemption as though asking him to re-introduce himself, which he did.

Redemption stepped towards Teioh. He had met the other man before, in high school, but he had tried to keep to himself back then and silently stalk Revelation, so even though Redemption was all too aware of whom Teioh was he was pretty sure Teioh wouldn’t remember him much at all. He held out his hand to Teioh who took it and shook it firmly, “It’s truly a pleasure to meet you. My name is Gabriel.” He noticed Teioh was looking at the front of the dress and Redemption couldn’t help but laugh as he brought his hands up to his head and made sure his hair was still falling perfectly over his shoulder.

“And I’m Teioh…uh, is there any particular reason the two of you came together?” Teioh asked looking from Redemption to Revelation, keeping his eyes on his brother. He was smiling but Revelation could easily see how much it was really bothering him thinking about it like he was.

“He invited me.” Revelation said motioning to Redemption again who smiled and waved at Teioh. Teioh nodded before slowly turning his head back to Revelation.

“So it is a date…?” Teioh said, but he raised the end as though in question and his eyes gave away the fact that he was pretty sure this had completely confirmed his fears. It was strange, Revelation thought, that Teioh would be so against Revelation going on a date with any person. Then he thought about going on a date with Redemption and gave the cross-dressing man a stern look, he didn’t like the silly smile on his face.

Revelation looked back to Teioh after Redemption’s smile faltered a little, “No, it’s nothing like that. I’ve just been upset for the past while and he thought my going to this would put me in a better mood, since he was tired of me ‘moping around’, was it?” He said giving Redemption a look, and the other man looked away scratching the back of his head and laughing slightly in an attempt to brush it off, though it was quite clear that Redemption was a little shocked that he told Teioh the whole truth this time, even if Redemption was going to continue on believing that this had actually been a date.

Teioh smiled genuinely this time, pulling Revelation into another tight hug which Revelation was quick to return. “It was so nice to see you again.” Teioh said quietly and Revelation hummed in agreement. That made Teioh laugh, glad to see that Revelation was as talkative as ever. He let his head rest in Revelation’s neck speaking quiet enough that he was almost an hundred percent sure that only Revelation could hear him, “I still love you… so much, Revelation.” He said he planted a kiss against his brother’s neck where he was currently nestled.

Revelation smiled giving his brother a kiss on the temple in response, “I love you too,” he mumbled into his brother’s ear letting out a deep sigh tightening his grip on his brother. It was only for a moment though, despite how much neither of them wanted to let the other go they had to separate at some point. It was a slow movement though as they did detach from one another.

“You should really come and visit sometime, Kuro and, especially, Shiro would love to see you again.” The brunette said. Revelation nodded slowly not really knowing if he would be able to bring himself to go see those boys again, even if he did owe them a visit, he hadn’t even seen Ao since a few months after she was born.

“I should get going Teioh.” Revelation said running a hand through his long bangs, brushing them out of his face, he looked over at Redemption who nodded in agreement. He looked back at Teioh, “I’ll see you soon.” He added. Teioh was frowning which he couldn’t help but not like, he hated seeing his brother upset, which, to be honest, was part of the reason he hadn’t been visiting him in the past while.

“You promise?” Teioh asked in a low tone.

Revelation blinked a couple times before smiling. He looked around, Zach had disappeared in the past while and he hadn’t really noticed. With just the three of them left in the room he cupped Teioh’s chin and pulled him in for a single, short, but deep and meaningful kiss. “I promise. Bye Teioh.” The only response he got was a stupid grin from his brother but that was enough for him.

Revelation walked out of the room and into the lobby with Redemption right on his tail. Redemption was laughing and Revelation actually didn’t know whether or not he wanted to know why. But he was going to find out anyways. Redemption stepped closer wrapping himself around one of Revelation’s arms and smiled up at him, “So you really do have a brother complex!” He stated.

Revelation ignored the comment for the most part. “Thank you for today, Redemption.” He stated on a different point.

“I mean I’ve always sort of figured that since way- Wait. What?” Redemption said, eyes opening wide as he heard the words that Revelation had actually said. “I-it’s not a problem.” He said, kind of dumbfounded, this wasn’t the first time today that Revelation had thanked him but this one seemed different. He let go of Revelation and slowed down, Revelation stopped and put a hand on his shoulder letting out a loud sigh.

Redemption took in a sharp breath as he met Revelation’s gaze. He tilted his head up slightly, his lips slightly parted as Revelation closed the gap pressing their lips together. Redemption reached up resting his hands on Revelation’s chest as Revelation rested his own hands on Redemption’s thin waist. The positive reaction Redemption got from Revelation made the shorter man press up more into Revelation’s mouth, his eyes slipped shut as Revelation turned his head to the side deepening the kiss. Redemption opened his mouth slightly and Revelation’s tongue slipped into his mouth meeting Redemption’s inside. Redemption let out a small moan but as he started to really relish in the pleasure Redemption pulled away from him and he let out a breathy sigh his eyes fluttering open again. “Wow…” he sighed. They had kissed before, but this had felt completely different, and the fact that Revelation had started it and so passionately at that, it made Redemption feel weak in the knees.

By the time he had completely regained himself Revelation had continued to walk on. Redemption couldn’t help but stare at Revelation for a while, running his fingers through his curly black hair letting out a sigh and chewing at his bottom lip before finally following him out of the building. He didn’t at all think about whether or not someone had seen them, he didn’t really care. He wasn’t all there at the moment anyway.
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Original Story (No Title. M Rated for sexual content) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Original Story (No Title. M Rated for sexual content)   Original Story (No Title. M Rated for sexual content) EmptyMon Mar 12, 2012 8:10 pm


The ride home was a silent one. From the moment they stepped out of the building to when they were getting out of the car at home neither of them said a single word to one another. Redemption was a little to in shock to really say anything so he closed his eyes again, leaning back and running his fingers over the scar protruding out from the top of his dress. Revelation knew better than to strike up a conversation knowing it would only end up in his getting pissed off or embarrassed.

Revelation didn’t regret the kiss, it wasn’t the first time he had gotten close to Redemption, but the other assassin seemed to be taking it very different than usual. Revelation frowned as he gripped the wheel all the way back home, trying not to pay any attention to the man sitting next to him. He was over thinking this now, trying to figure out why Redemption was acting as he was, maybe he had been a bit more… intimate about it this time around, generally everything behind his sexual acts was lust, this time he had kissed him with some meaning, maybe that was it. Maybe Redemption could tell that and it was making him all giddy.

They got inside and Revelation pulled his tie off, still not saying a think as he headed into his office having to check up on anything the two of them might have missed while they were out at the concert. He should have figured that there were going to be a few new requests; one for Revelation and one for Redemption, the two of them usually did each get one a night. He sighed as he sat down starting to do research for the both of them, getting numbers sorted out, dates, times, the works. Everything was quiet again, even if Revelation had been expecting to be attacked the moment they got inside, but he seemed safe.

Redemption immediately went up to his bedroom changing out of the dress he had been wearing and into something more comfortable. Baggy pants and a torn up mahogany vest the exposed most of his chest. He ran his fingers through his hair, still really liking the way it fell about his shoulder, and Revelation had been the one to really make him love it more, maybe he would keep it like this more often since Revelation seemed to like it that way. He brushed his fingers over his lips again as he thought about the lovely kiss Revelation had given him. He fell back on his bed and giggled slightly wondering if they’d do anything else like that tonight. He would have to try his luck, even if Revelation had disappeared into their office right after stepping inside.

Deciding to test his luck Redemption picked himself up and headed towards the office, opening the door he saw Revelation staring rather intently at the computer screen in front of him. He closed the door behind him and stepped towards the albino man, “Work?” He asked clutching his hands behind his back. He chewed at his lip; almost nervous about the answer he could possibly get from the other man, knowing that it could definitely be a bad thing.

“Yeah, we each have a new target, not too difficult or anything… basic stuff.” Revelation mumbled, not looking away from the screen. Redemption didn’t see it as a bad sign; he definitely didn’t seem to be in a bad mood. Redemption took a few steps forward and let his hands rest on Revelation’s shoulders. Revelation didn’t move at all.

“So, are you glad you went and talked to your brother today?” Redemption asked leaning in slightly, smiling at the albino man. Revelation only glanced at him out of the corner of his eyes but Redemption could see the smile tug across his face at the question, definitely a good thing.

“Yeah, again, I can’t thank you enough for forcing me into that.” Revelation said with a small huff of a laugh. Revelation turned his chair around to face Redemption, who took a step back and smiled brightly. Revelation seemed a little shocked by the genuinely happy look on Redemption’s face but didn’t say anything about it, not that he had the chance to say anything.

“And what was that kiss about?” Redemption asked his tongue flicking quickly over his lips as he asked the question knowing that Revelation could snap at this question as well, but to his luck, Revelation didn’t. Revelation reached forward and wrapped his fingers around Redemption’s arm and pulled him closer much to Redemption’s shock.

“To show you how grateful I am.” Revelation said, his voice lowering a little bit more than before. Redemption’s lids lowered slightly as his knees buckled, easily caught by Revelation who pulled him into his lap. “I’ll gladly show you more.” Revelation said into Redemption’s ear. He pressed his lips to Redemption’s again quickly deepening it. Revelation’s eyes slipped shut just after Redemption’s did. Redemption wrapped his arms around Revelation’s neck and pulled himself closer to the albino man. Revelation in turn wrapped one arm around Redemption, the other rested in the crook of the smaller man’s neck.

“God, Revelation…” Redemption sighed his finger drifting up into Revelation’s long silver/white hair. His breathing was ragged as they took a small moment to breathe before they pressed their lips back together. Redemption could tell he was shaking but he hoped that Revelation hadn’t noticed it. A hand trailed down from Redemption’s neck, over his exposed chest to his groin, palm kneading Redemption’s cock, slowly bringing it to life. Redemption let out a groan, quivering slightly under Revelation’s hand, he hadn’t been expecting Revelation’s hand to travel downwards like it had, this was going a lot faster than he had thought it would.

Redemption hardly noticed as Revelation picked him up, holding him close to his chest as he did so, only whimpering slightly as the hand was taken away from his groin. He continued to kiss Revelation, still unaware of the fact that he was being moved until Revelation set him down on a bed and leaned over him, their lips still pressed together as he did. Redemption opened his eyes and then was quickly able to determine that they were in Revelation’s room, a place he was rarely allowed to set foot in but this time Revelation had willingly brought him inside.

“Are we going to-” Redemption started as Revelation pulled away from his for a moment standing up and undoing his dress shirt letting it fall to the ground beside the bed, exposing the entirety of his muscled chest.

“Yes,” was Revelation’s quick response as he pushed Redemption vest off of the slender man and let it join his shirt on the floor. Redemption just let out a heavy sigh and tilted his head back as Revelation leaned down again. A tongue ran along the length of his scar up to his jaw where Revelation planted a single kiss before moving back up to Redemption’s mouth. This was quite new to Redemption, in all of his years he couldn’t remember whether he had ever had something passionate like this before and he wondered if Revelation was new to this too.

“Since when could you be so… passionate?” Redemption huffed as Revelation trailed back down from his lips, passing over his jaw, down his neck, along his scar before his mouth roughly massaged one of his nipples. Redemption tried not to react too much to it, suddenly a little paranoid, plus he wanted to seem strong willed to the other man.

“You were saying something about my brother complex, right?” Revelation asked, not looking up to Redemption’s face as he said it.

Redemption was a little bit confused by the question only slightly remembering bringing up Revelation’s brother complex at the concert earlier. It took it another minute for it to click in his head and he groaned slightly letting his head fall back again, closing his eyes and frowning slightly, “That’s gross…” He said with a sigh. To his surprise Revelation laughed at that though and he lifted his head slightly and opened his eyes to look at Revelation whose eyes were closed as his tongue ran over the one of Redemption’s nipples he was paying so much attention to.

“Are you really one to speak about what’s gross?” Revelation questioned finally looking into Redemption’s eyes pulling his mouth away from the smaller man’s body. Redemption would have been a little bit peeved by this statement if it weren’t for the bright smile on Revelation’s face. He let out a sigh and let his head fall back onto the bed.

“Whatever.” He said after a moment and Revelation let out a deep chuckle as one of his hands dipped lower pulling at the hem of Redemption’s pants, his face sinking lower to. He watched as Redemption’s very prominent erection sprung free of its restraint with a sharp inhale from its owner. Revelation just smirked at it for a moment before he let his tongue drag over the head and he took it into his mouth earning a very throaty moan from Redemption. This was the first time Revelation had really given him oral and he could only imagine what was going through Redemption’s head at this very moment.

His mouth did not linger there for long, it was only a matter of moments before Redemption was squirming and practically begging for Revelation to fuck him. Revelation was quick from there to shed Redemption of what was left on him and undo his own pants shifting them down enough to reveal his own erection. Redemption let out a groan of anticipation as he looked Revelation over, a small quiver passing through his body. Revelation noticed it, he put one of Redemption’s legs over his shoulder and looked down at the man and quirked an eyebrow up in a silent question to which Redemption just nodded.

Revelation sighed and shook his head, though he should have been able to guess that much. He himself took a small breath as he braced himself outside of Redemption, one more breath before thrusting into him quickly and dryly. Redemption let out a scream which very quickly dissolved into a pleasured moan, his body shaking slightly as he wrapped his fingers tightly into the blankets on either of his sides. “Fuck me hard, Revelation.” He moaned his eyes closing as he anticipated the pounding he was going to get from the albino man, but it 0didn’t come.

Redemption opened his eyes again to look up at the man currently inside of him. Revelation seemed to be inspecting everything, looking at the harsh rise and fall of Redemption’s body, skin sinking low and revealing ribs and muscle then inflating upwards into a flat expanse of skin, to the red that covered Redemption’s cheeks. Revelation’s fingers brushed along Redemption’s thighs and, on any other occasion Redemption would ask why the fuck he wasn’t doing anything, but today he couldn’t do it. The look in Revelation’s eyes kept him from saying anything. He just let his head sink back as far as it could, his eyes slipping shut as he waited for Revelation to start moving inside of him, feeling his body adjust rather quickly to the thick penetration.

Redemption had calmed considerably by the time Revelation started to move and he hadn’t been expecting the movement. It sent a shiver through his body and he let out a gasp as Revelation pulled out slowly before pressing himself back in. Redemption chewed on his lip as Revelation moved both wanting him to go faster but at the same time wishing he would stay this gentle for a little bit longer, he couldn’t remember the last time anyone had ever been this gentle with him in bed, but he knew it had to have been a long, long time ago.

It was very slowly that Revelation started to pick up the pace, leaning in slightly and pressing his lips to Redemption’s scar, dragging his tongue along it a couple times, knowing how sensitive Redemption had always been there. Within moments he was at a speed that they were both used to, but it was much less rough this time around. Though it was common for them to have sex they both knew that this was incredibly different, and they both knew that it would hold that much meaning after this night and it was clear that Redemption was absorbing as much of this moment as he could. His moans echoed through the room as his hand moved down towards his own weeping erection, though he was sure just Revelation’s work would be enough to get him off, he couldn’t help but feel a little bit needy.

It didn’t take very long at all for Redemption to come to his climax, releasing himself with a groan, his body quivering slightly at the feel. Revelation’s tongue pulled away from his body and he slowed to a crawl as he smirked at Redemption, “Well that was quick.” He stated under his breath unable to keep from chuckling slightly as he said it, also finding the way that Redemption avoided looking him in the eye quite amusing.

“Sh-shut up. It’s your fault, not mine.” Redemption huffed turning his head to the side, his lips a tight line on his face. This just seemed to amuse Revelation more.

“My fault? How is your being early my fault?” Revelation asked, positioning himself so he could better hit Redemption’s prostate, slowly pushing himself in and brushing against the sensitive bundle of nerves. It made Redemption shudder and moan, but he quickly covered his mouth as though, for once, he was ashamed of the sounds leaving his mouth.

“You’re acting different.” Redemption stated as he brought his hand away from his mouth, still not looking up at Revelation, chewing at his lip and very clearly trying to keep himself from showing any real reactions to Revelation.

“I don’t think I am.” Revelation said in a mock-pouty voice. Redemption looked up at him, his gaze was definitely supposed to be sharp but it didn’t look all that much so with all the pleasure that seemed to flood the smaller man’s dark eyes. Revelation pulled himself out of the smaller man and shifted slightly, giving Redemption an opening to shift to a position and flip Revelation onto his back. He sat on Revelation’s stomach and kept both hand against the larger man’s chest. Revelation looked only the slightest bit shocked but overall this didn’t seem to bother him very much.

Redemption leaned closer and pressed their lips together for a brief moment. “It’s very different… you’re making me fall for you all over again.” Redemption partially muttered, a hand coming up and running through the albino hair, pushing it out of his face. He moved himself down slightly positioning himself over Revelation’s cock before sinking down onto it, resisting the urge to throw his head back, instead just letting his eyes slip shut, letting out a moan against Revelation’s lips. The words he used seemed to have taken away from Revelation’s ego a little bit because he had fallen completely silent. Redemption didn’t even bother to think that maybe this had been the first time he had actually admitted to liking Revelation to the albino man, but at the moment he was to lost in this act to care, he would have time for regretting it afterwards.

He straightened his back slightly as he began to ride Revelation, much harder then Revelation had been fucking him before. He flipped his hair over his shoulder as he let his head fall back, his hands braced against Revelation’s chest. After a few moments of this he felt Revelation’s hand on his cock as the albino man jerked him off, bringing his cock back up to its full size after his first orgasm. Revelation let out a loud moan grinding himself down against Revelation’s hips.

“You-… you going to cum again already?” Revelation asked, though his breath seemed somewhat haggard and he voice was breathy, as though this was clearly getting to him as well. Redemption, on other occasions, probably would have lashed out at Revelation, but again, today was just different.

“’Bout…as close as you…” He said looking down and closing his eyes as he spoke knowing full well that his voice probably sounded even more worn out than Revelation’s did. At these words though Revelation just grunted and said nothing more.

After another short while of Redemption keeping up a rather rhythmic pace, Revelation doing the same with Redemption’s cock, the larger man flipped their positions again, putting Redemption on his back again and thrusting into him, much more vigorously than he had been before this, more like they usually would.

Redemption did not try to hold his screams and moans back letting every little shudder of pleasure escape as a moan, every thrust into the sensitive bundle of nerves would echo around the room as a pleasured scream, until again Redemption found himself at his climax. He shuddered slightly as he came; this time around Revelation did as well, releasing himself inside of the smaller man. Redemption just lay there, out of breath for a moment as Revelation rode out his climax and pulled himself out, laying next to Redemption.

“My turn to say thanks…” Redemption said, gathering himself again and turning to look at the albino who lay with his face directed at the ceiling, though at these words he turned and gave Redemption a look. Redemption just laughed and looked up at the ceiling as Revelation had been. “I mean, you’re smart and I was pretty sure you already figured it but-” before the words could leave his mouth Revelation kissed him. Redemption’s eyes opened wide again as Revelation pulled his lips away from him and looked him in the eye, the look in his eyes was still a lot softer than it usually was.

“Go get yourself washed up.” Revelation muttered his voice barely audible. Redemption just nodded and Revelation moved out of the way for him to get out of the bed.

“Can I come back in here?” Redemption tested, pausing at the bedroom door, glancing over his shoulder at Revelation who was pulling his pants back into place and doing them up again.

“Whatever.” Was all Revelation gave as answer, and Redemption was going to use said answer as a yes so it didn’t matter what Revelation actually meant by it. He was going to finish off this lovely night by sleeping in the same bed as the other man whether he wanted it or not.

Redemption was quick in the shower before he walked back into Revelation’s room pulling just his underwear off the floor and slipping it back on. It felt nice to be clean, but it was going to feel even nicer to have his body pressed up against Revelation’s for the entire night. Revelation had turned onto his side and was facing the wall but this didn’t stop Redemption from slipping under the blankets next to him and pressing his body up against his, letting one hand rest on his waist as he did so. Revelation didn’t move as Redemption intruded his bed, or when he touched him, so he figured that this was okay and went with it.

“Good night.” Redemption said with the smallest of laughs towards the albino. Revelation simply grunted in return before Redemption was pretty sure he simply conked out. He listened as Revelation’s breathing and heart beat slowed and he fell asleep and it was then that he realized that no matter how much he had really, really wanted this he probably wasn’t going to get much sleep curled up next to Revelation like this.

He laughed again, unable to help it, “I love you Revelation. I’m sure you’ve known it… but I always…always have.” He muttered into Revelation’s bare back, not even knowing if Revelation was awake to hear it, and honestly hoping that he wasn’t, this was a little secret that could stay a secret if it meant he could keep living the way they were.

Despite being so sure he wasn’t going to get any sleep Redemption did end up falling asleep and instead of dreams of the impossible, of things from the future, he relived old memories. Times from when he had tried to claim Revelation as a rival and ignoring the feelings that lingered, trying to pass them off as something they weren’t. Reliving these memories in almost perfect detail he could see how much he had cared for Revelation even all those years ago.

A few of the memories were made up by his subconscious, probably to make him upset, but they were probably very close to the truth:

Redemption found himself in his body of twelve years ago by the house where Revelation had lived with Teioh and his family. It wasn’t rare for Redemption to catch himself in this area all those years ago, sneaking a casual glance in at their house and down into Revelation’s bedroom in the basement as he did in this dream. Upon looking inside though his eyes fell upon a sight he had personally never seen but knew had happened on many occasions in the past. Revelation having sex with his brother.

He squeaked slightly as he saw it falling back on his ass but for some reason his movements became sluggish and he found himself unable to look away, unable to move away. He looked down at his ankle for a mere moment to see his pants caught on something keeping him there and unable to leave. Where in the waking world he would be very quick to cut the section of his pants away and leave before getting caught he had tried to get his numb fingers to try and free himself. As he tried to work himself free the noises from inside grew louder in his ears and he constantly had his eyes linger upwards into the window.

One of these times looking in he caught Revelation looking at him and smirking and he felt tears stinging at his eyes. “God damnit!” He yelled as he still tried to get his hands to work himself free, but his arms felt like lead weights and he eventually just let himself fall to the ground, his head near the window as he closed his eyes and let the tears flow. “Just let me go…” he muttered into the ground.
It was then that he woke up.

His eyes stung and it took him a moment to realize that there were tears at his eyes which were probably red and puffy. He opened them slowly and prominently blushed as he saw himself face to face with Revelation whose eyes were open and so openly examining him. Redemption’s hands shot to his face and he pushed his long hair to the side and wiped at his eyes, letting the tears finally fall. “S-sorry.” He muttered quietly before they both fell silent. Nothing but Revelation’s eyes moved as he looked at Redemption who was still avoiding eye contact with the other man.

“What were you dreaming about?” Revelation asked not moving as he said it, just keeping his piercing gaze on Redemption even as Redemption grew suddenly more awkward, that really was the only question he did not want to have to answer to the other man.

“It was nothing.” He stated after a moment’s pause, hoping his voice sounded smooth enough to pass as a decent lie.

Either he didn’t sound convincing or Revelation was very quick to read past Redemption’s lies, but he didn’t buy it. “Don’t lie to me, Redemption.” Revelation stated in his smooth tone, a hand coming up and resting on the black haired man’s cheek. Redemption frowned and brushed the hand away turning onto his other side and facing away from Revelation, wiping at his eyes again. They were both silent for a while. “Redemption.” Revelation stated curtly trying to obtain the smaller man’s attention to no avail. “Gabriel.” He tried again, this time Redemption tensed slightly before falling on his back and turning his head to look at Revelation his eyebrows drawn together and a frown on his face.

“Why are you calling me that?” He asked looking almost disgusted at the fact that Revelation had called him by that name. He didn’t look Revelation in the eye, knowing that it would only end poorly for himself if he did. He drew in a quick breath and kept his eyes just below Revelation’s face, concentrating on a stray piece of hair instead of Revelation himself.

“It’s your name, isn’t it?” Revelation stated a hand resting on Redemption’s chin as he angled the other man’s head back to face Revelation completely. “You won’t be able to keep it from me.” Revelation stated. Redemption frowned, his eyebrows furrowing together as he pushed Revelation’s hand away from his face.

“What the hell do you take me for!?” Redemption stated sharply before turning back over. “And don’t call me Gabriel.” He added with a huff pulling the blankets up to his ears. His eyes had dried and now he was simply angry, at himself of course, he couldn’t be angry at Revelation, he never could. He shrunk slightly drawing his knees up closer to his chest.

He could tell that Revelation was looking at him, God he could tell Revelation was looking at him, his entire body felt those sharp eyes pierce it, examining everything, every muscle, every bone, every curve in his back; every lock, every end, every curl of hair; everything. It hadn’t taken much for Redemption to become so hyperaware of Revelation’s every glance, so how had it taken him so long to figure out how he really felt for the albino. This conflict within his mind made him want to yank out all of his hair, break down and beat his head into a wall, but he wouldn’t, he couldn’t; he feared what Revelation would think of him if he did do so.

“You were wrong.” Revelation stated, “As usual.” The strange remark made Redemption look back over at the albino who was propped up on one arm and looking down at him with a frown. His gaze seemed to be question enough for Revelation to explain what he meant, “I had no idea how you felt about me.” Redemption’s face lit up at the words, his eyes opened wide and an awkward look crossed his face and he shoved his face back into the pillow. Revelation only paused for a moment, “How long is ‘always’ in this case?” He asked, using words Redemption had used before he had gone to sleep, so apparently Revelation hadn’t been asleep after all.

“From the moment I first saw you.” Redemption replied into his pillow, knowing it was just loud enough for Revelation to hear him clearly.

“That’s cheesy.” Revelation stated and Redemption was sitting up in a minute glaring down at the smirk on Revelation’s face, quick to defend himself despite how bruised his ego was right now.

“Shut up!” He yelled, “I’m being serious!” he retorted, his fingers curling tightly in the sheets in his lap, his teeth grinding together as he stopped speaking. “You saved my life that day.” He said his eyes lowering to his hands in his lip, his voice lowering with them, “You meant everything to me, you gave me a reason to live…I- I tried to pass it off as being your rival… but, but I know how I really felt now and…” He felt himself choke up slightly finally saying this all to Revelation and wanting to wake up any moment now and find out that this was all just another terrible dream, there was no way he would actually be able to say this to Revelation in the waking world, no way at all.

“Stop there.” Revelation stated before Redemption could continue on. Redemption looked back at the albino as he sat up and let out a sigh, looking very tired. He looked at Redemption with the same intense look he used with nearly everyone, and Redemption couldn’t help but remember how soft they had been when they had made love earlier and it was enough for Redemption to look away again. “I’m sorry, I knew you were serious. This really bothers you doesn’t it, telling me this.” Revelation stated as though he had been reading Redemption’s mind, but all Redemption could do in response was nod lamely.

“Then I’ll forget everything and we can continue on like we have until now.” Revelation stated in the same serious tone as before. Redemption looked at him and tried to find some sort of smug amusement in the look he was being given, but there was none, just the same intense serious expression he usually had. Redemption felt his lip quiver, that was more than he could have possibly asked for, and here Revelation was offering it to him.

“Th-thank you so much.” He said his hands shooting back up to his eyes to rub at the newly forming tears, his voice was quivering even more than his hands were and he was very aware of how pathetic he sounded but he really didn’t care at the moment, everything was just going so well.

A hand laced in his hair and he was almost expecting a kiss before the hair was tugged sharply and his head was pulled back. He looked at Revelation, the gaze having very little bite to it, unlike Revelation’s which was nearly a glare. “I’m starting to see why people think you’re a girl…” Revelation stated, tightening the grip that he had on Redemption’s hair making the man wince at the sharp pain, “This isn’t like you. Stop acting so weak and stop crying.” He practically demanded finally releasing Redemption’s hair. “You’re lucky I’m letting you stay in my bed, now go to sleep and if I hear you cry one more time I’ll give you something worth crying about.” Revelation threatened falling back on his side and pulling the blankets up over his pale shoulders.

Redemption just stared at him for a while a little confused by what just happened, and then it dawned on him: Revelation said he would forget everything, so he forgot everything. Redemption smiled and laughed slightly, no matter what people said he really did have an amazing choice in men. He flopped down on his back, spreading his hair out around him as he did so. He laughed unable to help himself and was quickly met with an elbow to the ribs and he curled up on his side with a small groan and looked up to see Revelation lying on his back and glaring at him sharply.

“Goodnight.” Redemption slurred with a crooked grin before curling himself around Revelation’s arm and letting his eyes slip shut hoping for a dreamless slumber this time around, knowing full well that he could wake up in the morning and everything would be the exact same as it had been the day before, they would go back to the love-hate partnership that they had had for the past ten years. His one word got the same reaction it always did, a grunt of agreement from the larger man, and it was then that Redemption knew that he was fine with not getting anything more than what he already had with Revelation.

Redemption woke up in the morning after a dreamless sleep and found himself still wrapped around one of Revelation’s arms and it looked the like the other was still far from waking up, not that Redemption would ever complain about that. This gave him one of those few opportunities to see Revelation at his most vulnerable. There was almost something cute about Revelation’s sleeping face, something that drew his eyes in and made him want to keep staring, so keep staring he did.

He didn’t know how long he lay there, examining and memorising every little detail of Revelation’s face, until Revelation’s eyes opened. The white lashes fluttered slightly before his nearly translucent lids slipped open revealing the pink hues underneath and they came into came into quick contact with Redemption’s dark eyes. “G’mornin’, sunshine.” Redemption slurred out with a small chuckle, Revelation’s immediate response being to frown at him.

Revelation pulled himself away from Redemption and pushed him away, pulling himself out of bed. “Morning.” Revelation said in response *as he picked some clothes out of a drawer and walked out of the room and down to the bathroom. Redemption watched where Revelation had disappeared into the rest of the house and just smiled.

It took him a while to really move from where he was, though he had turned onto his stomach and was inhaling the smell from Revelation’s bed, and what really got him to move was when the other man walked back into the room. “What are you doing?” He asked, and Redemption jumped up and onto his back, sitting up and smiling at the albino man as he walked over to his own small desk pulled his twin pistols off the back of the chair and doing up the belt around his waist. Revelation looked back at Redemption and frowned deeply, “Get up, we have work to do, we got another call last night which I missed, so you’re taking it; some old pervert, definitely up your alley.” He explained, “I expect you to be gone for most of the day, don’t come back until you get both kills.” He stated sharply before leaving the room again.

Redemption stared at him, open-mouthed, for a moment before he clued into the fact that he should probably get ready unless he wanted Revelation to take out the loss of money on him. He got up and headed into his own room dressing in a pair of rather worn jeans and a black button-down shirt undone to expose a lot of his chest. He did his long black hair up in a loose bun at the base of his skull and did his face quickly in the vanity mirror in his room. Lastly strapping his holsters to thighs and dagger to his belt, both of which would be easily concealed by the designer knee length jacket he would adorn later on.

He walked out into the living room and was greeted with the smell of coffee. He found Revelation sitting in the living room drinking from a navy blue mug and reading the newspaper, his hair pulled back from his face in a ponytail at the back of his head.

“Any for me?” Redemption asked, motioning with his chin to the coffee in Revelation’s hand. Revelation cocked an eyebrow and looked at him out of the corner of his eye.

He sighed and turned his attention back to his paper, “Get it yourself.” He stated.

“Wordy as usual I see.” Redemption pointed out before stepping into the kitchen and pouring the last of the coffee into a mahogany mug and drowning in it cream and sugar before joining Revelation in the living room, sitting down in an arm chair across from and curling himself up onto it, holding his mug with both hands and taking small tentative sips as usual.

“So, I’m going shopping for something to wear later.” Redemption stated.

“How much are you going to spend?” Revelation shot back, looking up at Redemption without completely lifting his head.

“A couple thousand.” Redemption responded automatically leaving no pause between question and answer, adding a shrug to his response. He almost missed the small twitch of Revelation’s at the figure though but it only made Redemption smirk, he loved how anal Revelation got about his money, it was pretty funny. “If I’m dealing with some old pervert I’m going to need something hot to lure him in, won’t I?” He said with a large smile.

Revelation just glared at him, “Fine, but I’d keep yourself out of my sight for the entire night if that’s the case.” Revelation stated, even though Redemption had already learned a long time ago the consequences of abusing Revelation’s money, even though he had earned a good chunk of it himself, any money that either of them earned was immediately deemed Revelation’s.

“Yes, sir.” Redemption stated before taking another long sip of the drink in his hands. From there the two of them fell into silence until Redemption finished his drink and stood up, getting Revelation attention for a moment before he disappeared into the kitchen running the mug under the sink before setting it down. “Well then, I have shopping to do.” He said heading towards the front door. He pulled his jacket from its hanger and threw it on doing it up all the way before opening the door, he paused when he heard Revelation’s voice, looking through the doorway into the living room he made eye contact with the albino.

“If you come home-” he started.

“Yes, yes I know. Through the window in my bedroom, I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Redemption said with a bright smile. Revelation just frowned and glared at him, letting out a sigh before going back to his drink and paper. Redemption laughed as he stepped out of the house, closing the door behind him as he went.

Yes, this was exactly how it should be, and he really did not need it any other way.
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