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Dave Strider
Dave Strider

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PostSubject: (Open Topic)   (Open Topic) EmptyTue Mar 13, 2012 7:04 pm

turntechGodhead TG began pestering tentacleTherapist TT

TG: jeez you are going to show up here someday aren’t you rose?

Dave typed into his phone, sending it to one of the friends that meant so much to him. He had been rather lonely since coming to this place… a couple of his friends who were no orphans as well with strange powers much like Dave’s own, said that they would be joining him here, would keep him company. Rose was one of them…

TT: Oh Dave, I thought you would be sending me something soon.

She responded and Dave couldn’t help but roll his eyes, ever since she had completely tuned into this powers of hers Rose could pretty much read the future.

TT: There is still paper work to be filled out, but I’m on it Dave, don’t worry about it.
TT: Maybe you should stop dwelling talking to the people you know and start talking to people that you don’t.
TT: For such a cool kid you can really come off as antisocial at time.
TG: is that more psychic bullshit
TG: man i really hate your psychic bullshit
TT: No you don’t Dave.
TT: I’ll talk to you later. Go do something for a while. That doesn’t involve you sitting around playing on your phone.
TG: fine whatever you say mom
TT: Dave, I’m your sister, not your mom.
TG: fine whatever you say sister
TT: Much better. I’ll talk to you later Dave. Good bye.
TG: seeya

Dave shut off his phone and slid it back into the pockets of his obnoxiously red pants which he had grown infinitely fond of over the past while. They were comfortable and they were practical… they were just rather bright. He stood up, pushing his shades farther up his nose and pushing his blond bangs out of his face, making sure they fell perfectly before walking forward. Maybe it would be in his better interest to find some friends while he was here… friends that met his standards but didn’t over power him in the coolness department… not that he thought that was possible or anything.

He found himself in the park, sitting down on a bench and look over at a bunch of children playing. It was the sort of thing Dave never got to do as a child… his Bro always kept him inside made him train. Dave wasn’t complaining or anything… but maybe he had missed out a little bit. He opted to test out his powers on the kids… they wouldn’t notice if he started screwing around with the time around them.

He didn’t think anyone would notice what he was doing, he also didn’t think anyone would care enough to say anything to him about it. But he could very easily be proven wrong. But until that moment he would continue fucking around with these kids who, themselves, would continue moving as though nothing was happening and only the world around them changed at all where for everyone else it would look the opposite.
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PostSubject: Re: (Open Topic)   (Open Topic) EmptyWed Mar 14, 2012 3:05 pm

Elina yawned as she had waken due to her mother nagging her father on and on about his brand new car he had bought. Her parents always got into these fights. Over one person paying attention to an object and not to the rest of the family, if that's what they were called these days. It was only a sunday morning and she sat up slowly.

"Mmm, I hate mornings..." she groaned to herself.

She felt the need to nag just as much as her mother. Nagging like her mother in the limit of a full day, that only too her mother a full year. Elina didn't care though, she wasn't so well when it came to nagging.

Elina sat up and when her feet touched the ground she let a soft moan escape her lips. Her rug was always so soft and that's what made her want to sleep even more. Picking up her cell phone, she'd seen she'd recived NO messages and decided to text someone. That wouldn't be too hard for her. Would it?

From: CupCake
To: Nina
Hey, how come we wake up durring the day instead of night..?

She set the phone down and got up. While waiting for a reply, she'd dress a bit and maybe take a stroll. Elina picked out different tops and bottoms. She wore them all too much. Today was a day for a change. She sighed and walked to her closet which were full of dresses she had't even tried yet. Yanking a flower sundress off it's hanger, she looked in the mirror. Sheaking her head, she dropped the body cloth and yanked a blue dress with black strips. Shaking her head again, she sighed.

"Not my style..! she whinned to herself.

Looking up, she smiled and practicly tore a dress off its hanger. A light purple. It was purfect! Elina's wolf-like tail waved with sheer pleasure behind her as she put the dress on. Fixing her hair, she twirled.

"I love it!" she cried.

Walking down stairs and past her yelling parents, Elina headed for the door. A small puppy ran up, his floppy ears flying up and down. He barked.

"Awwe, Maxy, you want to go too?" she said.

The puppy stared with big blue eyes. She put the leash onto the pup and opened the door, walking out. As she walked, she was greeted by a few men. She could help but feel famous. Smiling and waving, she headed for the park. When she arrived she allowed her pup off his leash to play with the others.

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