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 A wolf love story

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Chapter 1

The Day Kanka (Cankah) and Kento (Kentoe) Met

Kanka a white wolf with black paws was walking in the river that had almost dried up. Kento a black wolf with white here and there was in the woods hunting when suddenly he heard the most beautiful voice he had heard in a long time. Now Kanka was singing, she sang so sweetly about her mate that had died while hunting a moose. Her mate Kenten loved to walk with her along or in the river. Kenten was a black wolf with gray and white here and there. Kento came to the clearing near the river. He sees Kanka; he is so quiet, that all she hears is the leaves rustling she turns around seeing him. “Hi,” she said in a cheerful voice “Hello” said Kento as he walked near her “What is your name?” asked Kanka “My name is Kento what is yours?” asked Kanto “I’m Kanka, do you want to come den for dinner?” asked Kanka “Sure” said Kanto as they walked off together.
Chapter 2
In Kanka’s Den

When they got to Kanka’s den Kento peers inside, he sees two one year old pups, one just like her mother, one like her mother but she has brown on her face. He looked around some- more but all he saw was meat and bones the first pup came up and asked “Who are you,” he said “I’m Kento,” Kento said “I’m Hunter,” said the first pup the second pup came up “I’m Killerexa,” said the second but he heard a voice from outside it wasn’t Kanka it was deeper more dark it said “I’m Killer get out of my den and away from my children.” Kento stepped out of the den Killer lunged at him with great force snapping at Kento’s trout and the fight was on! Kanka’s yelling of “Stop, stop,” didn’t help at all finally Kento stopped the fight by strapping Killer down with one paw Kanka sighed with relief that neither Kento or Killer where injured to badly Kento said “Good bye,” and walked off limping into a clearing Kanka said silently “Good bye Kento.”

Chapter 3


After that night with Kanka, Kento went out to find a mate but unfortunately he could not. There are not enough wolves around since the wildfire, but if he leaves this land he will never see Kanka again and he loves Kanka but he won’t admit it. So he goes out to hunt for tonight’s dinner when he hears someone. He goes to the clearing that overlooks the river. He sees three more wolves, overjoyed, he runs down the cliff, but approaches with caution. He remembers that night with Killer. “Hi,” he said “Hi my name is Silver, yours is?” one said “My name is Kento,” “Hi my name is Singer,” another said “Hi my name is Thinker” said the last. Kento, like always, says “Will you come over to my den?” All of the girls say in unison “Yes we will!” Chapter 4

After that night with Kento Kanka’s life got boring Killer left her with the 2 pups. She went to bed at night thinking about Kento she loved him but was too stubborn to admit it. The next night she went out to find the weather was the same, raining, so she went into the den to think. She thought of Kento “he won’t like me I’m too ugly and stupid for him to like me but he’s so strong and cute I love him.”
The next day Kanka was walking to find food she saw an old friend and invited her to dinner it was Karana.

Chapter 5

Back in Kanka’s den

Back at Kanka’s den Karana looks around and sees no food “What’s for dinner?” Karana asked “Herbs and meat that we caught today” “Oh fresh.” Karana said “Yeah.” They eat and talk about how to get back to this land so Kanka can get a mate but it is really complicated so she decides not to go and find a mate. Karana leaves “Time for bed kids,” Kanka said “Night” the kids say “Night kids” but she couldn’t sleep that night because she was thinking about Kento all night. She thought he’s so nice and strong but he won’t want to go out with me and become my mate because I’m to ugly and I’m not that nice but I can be if he wants that. When she gets up she goes outside to see what the weather is like but it’s raining, she figured as much, it had started to rain at about one in the morning but hadn’t stopped, so she and the kids don’t eat that night.
Chapter 6

Kento leaves

Kento needs to find a mate so he goes to tell Kanka he’s leaving. When he got there he saw the kids but no Kanka. “Where is Kanka?” Killerexa says “She left two days ago to find a mate she said she wasn’t going in front of Karana but she did “Who’s Karana?” asks Kento “A friend of moms she invited her over to dinner,” said Hunter “How are you hunting all alone?” asks Kento “Hunter is pretty good and I’m ok.” says Killerexa “Ok, Hunter sounds like a good name, well I have to go I’m going to find a mate to so tell your mom when she comes back to this land, bye.” Both of the kids say “Bye” as he leaves. Killarexa says “He likes mom” Hunter says “Yeah.”

Chapter 7

Back with Kento in the new land

Kento is now in the new land but unfortunately there are not too many wolves here either he asks “where are all the wolves” the other wolf laughs and says “your new here aren’t you? There haven’t been a lot of wolves here since the new king took over”. Kento is confused so he asks “what new king in our land? There is no one wolf that is king, it only starts fights”. The other wolf says “you can call me Kemo and I don’t know why we have a king in the first place either, it does just start fights. My mate tried to tell the new king he was wrong and he banished her and a lot of other wolves that said the same thing.” Kento said “have you seen a white wolf with black paws come here?” Kemo says “yah, she asked the same thing you did. Why?” Kento said “She left my land in search for a mate too, but I need her to come back as she left her two little ones at my land, what way did she go?” Kemo said “I think she went north but I’m not sure ask that wolf over there his name is Kano he can tell you what way she went for sure” Kento said “thanks see ya” Kano said “hi what do you need” Kento explained and Kano said “she went north” Kento thanked him and went north.

Chapter 8
Finding Kanka

Kento was now in a different land looking for kanka but unfortunately she wasn’t there either so he asks a wolf he tells him she kept going north so that’s what he did to he finally found her, about two or three lands away. she said “one of my friend’s told me to come here, her name is shwanty” and he says “ok but the little ones want to know when are you coming home” she said “Idk” he said “please come home” she said “what are you doing here, did you come here to find me?” he said “no I came here to find you but I also need a mate” she said “ok I’ll be home as soon as possible so bye” he said “bye” under his breath he said “I love you kanka” under her breath she said “I love you kento” he leaves in the direction of east but she goes north so he says “man I love her but I can’t tell her she’ll hate me” so he goes back to finding a mate he sees a beautiful black wolf with a little gray and white on her face so he goes up to her and says “hi my name is kento” she said “hi my name is angle” he says “I came here in search for a mate” angle says “me too, want to come back to my land with me and back to my den?” he says “sure, why not, I’ll come over” five hours later he goes to find a den there but angle says he can stay there tonight so he said fine with me so he goes to sleep in the morning he wakes up and angle is standing there she says “I’m pregnant isn’t that wonderful” he says “Wow you know how to wake me up. I have to leave; I have to go back to my land. Bye.” she said “But why can’t you stay” he said “I just can’t, bye”.

Chapter 9

Kento goes back to his land, or does he?

Kento is now in a new land he says he’s happy to be going back to his land, but he is never going back to that land ever. 8 miles down he finds a place to camp for the night while he is sleeping he dreams about Kanka but when he wakes up he finds someone carrying him. He asks “What’s going on” and the wolf carrying him says “There is a wildfire, we need to get out of here” he asks “What is your name? mine is Kento” she says “My name is Rin I found you sleeping when the wildfire started so we are going to my land” Kento says “Ok, thanks for saving me Rin” Rin replies “Your welcome”

Kento says “Ok thanks again” Rin says “Sure it’s the least I can do, I mean I’m to nice to leave someone to die in a wildfire” so about 10 miles to her land they stop to sleep, Rin says “It’s about 5 more miles to my land so lets sleep here for the night ok with you” Kento says “Fine with me” but he had a question but he decided to leave it unsaid his question was what if the wildfire gets here but he didn’t ask because she was a sleep and he didn’t want to wake her up. In the morning she was carrying him again he knew why the wildfire came Rin says “The wildfire is back well not like it left but you get it right” Kento says “I know” 4 ½ miles later they got to Rin’s land Kento says “What way is north from here” rin says “Its way back there, why what’s wrong” kento says “My land is back north” rin says “Oh my goodness I’m so sorry I took you from your land I didn’t know I’m sorry” kento says “No you did nothing wrong I was leaving I fell a sleep you saved me and I’m very grateful for that I just hope my friends kids are ok” Rin says “Oh” Rin runs off crying Kento starts to go after her but he hears a voice he knows so he turns around its Kanka he is so happy to see she got Hunter and Killarexa he says “Oh my gosh, Kanka I’m so happy you got them I was worried about all of you” kanka says “Not all of us” he says “Yah I am” kanka says “Are you sure look behind me” kento looks behind kanka and sees killer! He says “Killer! What are you doing here”, Killer says “Kanka is too nice to leave me behind to die you should know that” Kento was beat, he knew that kanka wouldn’t leave any wolf behind, killer says “I’m going to go and see what’s wrong with Rin” Kento says “You know Rin” Killer says “Yah bye” Kanka says “Kids why don’t you go and play with some others” the kids say “Ok mom” kanka says to kento “when I heard the wildfire st---” kento stopped her he said “Kanka I love you” Kanka says “Oh I love you to kento I was looking for you when the wildfire started” kento says “Oh I’m sorry I left” Kanka says “It’s fine you were looking for a mate so was I”

Chapter 10

The final chapter back at home

Back at the land they called home kento is sleeping over at kanka’s den but will he sleep or not kento was awake till about four in the morning fell to sleep after thinking about what to do now that kanka knows he loves her so he came to a decision on what to do he will ask her to marry him but the problem is he doesn’t know what to say so he goes to his enemy(killer) for advice on what to do when he gets to killers den he goes inside to find killer laying on the ground with a wound to the chest so he helps killer like any other wolf might its not a one for all, all for one world wolves help one another so he hopes killer will help him and killer does and kento goes to kanka’s den and says “kanka will you marry me” kanka is surprised but she says “S..S..Sure” he says “yes I love you lets go” she says “ok” that night they slept soundly. 5 mouths later he is a father of five beautiful kids 3 girls and 2 boys he is so happy he is going to be here for a long time or he thinks he gets shot five days later but luckily kanka saves him like he knew she would she is loving and kind and cares for all the wolves in the land now that it is beautiful again there are a lot of wolves there now.

The End.
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A wolf love story
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