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Magic High Is A High School Made For All Sorts of Beings To Learn Their Magics!! Please Read Rules First..!
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 burst nephil

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PostSubject: burst nephil   Thu Mar 22, 2012 8:34 pm

Name: burst phenyx nephil
NickName: burst

Magic High Grades: good
Personality: sassy obsessive easy to love

Looks:dark red hair, eyes subject to change, pale as the rest of her siblings, tends to wear blue, and of average height
Race: angel/pheonyx
Supernatural Power: she explodes spontaniously, and fire clings to her at random times

Likes:IZ, JTHM, blood, gutts, and other certain horrors, blue, smexie cupcakes
Fears: exploding out of convinace, her father
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burst nephil
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