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Magic High Is A High School Made For All Sorts of Beings To Learn Their Magics!! Please Read Rules First..!
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 Angel's App

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Angel's App
Name: Kelli Love
NickName: Angel
Age: 15
Gender: Female

Magic High Grades: A's B's
Personality: Sweet, Kind, Motherly, Helpful, Funny *hehe*

Looks: Look At Picture!! >.<'
Supernatural Power: Mind Reading
History: I was living with my mom when our Uncle came in drunk and rapped both me and my mother. He kept us traapped in the house forever. Untill Mika came and found us. He was the one who helped us escape from his greedy sexual grasp.

Likes: Oranges, Mika, Kiddo's (hellians:))
Fears: Mika whan he's pissed
DisLikes: when Mika ignores me on purpose
Motto: once a B*tch always a B*tch

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Angel's App
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